27 August 2012


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 27 August 2012

"When you don't know what you're talking about, it's hard to know when you're finished." Tommy Smothers

Friday evening I happened upon a television program about a new documentary forthcoming titled, 'The Hope and The Change.' It's planned for release to theaters (it'd be a good trailer for Dinesh D'Souza's '2016 - Obama's America') soon and the creators mentioned a TV deal is close to settlement. 

Encourage Democrats to watch it because it is an hour of disillusioned and angry Democrats, who confessed to voting for Mr. Obama in 2008, opining, more like whining, as to why they will not be voting for Mr. Obama in November.

Each voter shared a 'hard luck' story as to how Mr. Obama's tenure has burdened their, and family, lives; some more of a disaster than others. Interesting.

However, their plights should not be a surprise. They've, as have millions of others, incurred exactly what they voted for - for had they done their homework, set emotion aside, and heeded the repeated warnings about Mr. Obama, their mess(es) prevented. Simple as that.

Now they are long tired of Mr. Obama's talk. Well, finally! But nary a smidgen of sympathy nor tear will the wise proffer to any of them - as tough lessons are lasting lessons.

The comic Tommy Smothers has the answer to today's title question, "Why is Mr. Obama still talking?": Because Mr. Obama doesn't know what he's talking about.

Had Mr. Obama achieved anything, anything, of note while sitting as president - e.g., strengthen our economy, unite our country in mind, body, and soul, and promote our good credit and unwavering moral standing around the globe - there would be no need for him to say a word. His constructive work would have stood on its own merit, said all necessary, and re-election a given and deserved.

But he's talking, still. And he's unable to finish because it's all gibberish, nonsense, trying to rationalize astronomical debt; high unemployment; growing government dependency; foreclosures; soaring fuel prices; social chaos; and more - the mess that he, Mr. Obama, built.

So, while still contemplating 'The Art of the Presidency' and the peculiar, messy, Obama logo and its meaning, is it possible this...


was derived from this?
His anti-colonial philosophy, incessant talking, conduct of duties, and arrogance - that have created a gargantuan mess - seem to so suggest.   

Whatever. Draw your own conclusions.

He's embarrassing himself. And the Oval Office. And more so, he's embarrassing America.

From all Americans - soured Democrats, fed-up Republicans and Independents alike, and whether male or female or white or black or brown or yellow or red or green - tired of hearing a president who does not know what he's talking about talk, a message for delivery to Mr. Obama:  You're finished. Stop talking. Concede.

And let these United States, all 50, of America get on with the important business of recovery - domestic and foreign, and continue on with providing the global services of which only an exceptional nation can...

That is, all things A to Z - Ass-kickings to disaster relief to humanitarian assistance to promoting democracy to protecting Zionism. 

Keep the faith!

Post Script

The Art of the Presidency

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