04 June 2012


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 04 June 2012

"The wisest prophets make sure of the event first." Horace Walpole

"Profit is the ignition system of our economic engine." Charles Sawyer


With a prophet--anointed or self-appointed--exaltation is only enjoyed for as long as there's at least some degree of realization, amongst the masses, to the divine utterances. That is, the faithful, shunning the lifesaver of common sense, cling to the promises hoping to benefit; tangibly--to profit.

Four years ago one, who some (even himself as marked by word and deed) believed a prophet, telepromptered eloquently about a new America--a future fueled by hope and change. Those with an eye, and extended palm-up hand, on getting everything for nothing, at the strong-armed and cuffed hands expense of the hard-working others, dropped to their knees.

But as our country, and world, has witnessed, there's a big chasm between visions and flowery rhetoric and cold hard facts and daily life. The prophet, void true understanding of America and the workings thereof, is not running out of ideas. All the ideas, all the promises--his and advisor's, and bad ones at that, petered out long ago. Now the same old divine utterances are tiresome. Expired. The masses disillusioned, hardly inspired.

The prophet, suffering an incurable self-adulation tic, who promised profit of sorts, simply has not  delivered. Cannot deliver. Will never be able to deliver. And so the prophecy, as it were, spilled from the pipes of a false idol.

Born Muslim, claims Christianity (despite 20 years of pew time before Reverend "God damn America" Jeremiah Wright) but has made reference to his Muslim faith, he fundamentally does not understand America nor speak the language of America's core "religion."

The fallen prophet is dying an ugly death.

And dazed and confused, disgusted and angry, flounderers are groping for that lifesaver.


A profit(eer), having steadfastly and skillfully slayed all opponents, has taken stage.

The profit(eer) is addressing the masses. He, too, is uttering divine inspirations vying for public affections. Many are paying attention--they speak and understand his language. Even many amongst the masses disillusioned with and snubbing their exposed prophet now tuning in.

The humble profit(eer) cares not if anyone drops to their knees.

He is vowing to return profit, real prosperity, to America. And he forewarns it cannot happen with anyone on their knees. Or folks standing around with out-stretched arms and palms-up hands.

The profit(eer), born and raised Mormon--in America, speaks, fluently, that language of the cross-cultural "religion" of America--capitalism. With a personal fortune proof, he understands the religion's doctrine--private sector, not government, creates businesses and jobs and growth and wealth.

The coming presidential election pits a tumbling incumbent prophet against an energized, long-successful, aspiring profit(eer).

So, in the left corner, clad in 'lousy liberal blue (leaning toward ecogreen)'--the dying prophet, the false idol--Barack Obama.

And in the somewhat right corner, clad in 'ridiculously rich, not that there's anything wrong with that, red (leaning toward greenback green)' and a faithful practitioner of capitalism--Miiiiiiiitt ROMMMMM-neeeeeey!

The essence of the election? The economy. And credibility. And belief.

Prophet or Profit(eer)?

In America everyone may hear the language of the prophet but everyone speaks, and understands, the language of the profit(eer).

The bottom line, the net: Cash, not words nor hope nor change, pays the bills, seeds and fuels business, and reaps growth and wealth.

The election will be called early. The prophet knocked out.

A new profit(eer) will soon lead America.

With that old-time "religion," good and better days ahead.



Cha-ching (one of the most beautiful sounds in the world)!

Post Script

A successful Las Vegas oddsmaker with an uncanny knack for predicting political races recently wrote an article outlining why Mr. Obama will lose in a landslide (something I've been saying for nearly two years--I understand profit but am no prophet).  http://townhall.com/columnists/wayneallynroot/2012/05/30/why_obama_will_lose_in_a_landslide


Bruce said...

Interesting link to Mr. Root, Colonel. Unfortunately for all of us, he states he is voting for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket - which of course is nothing more than a vote for Obama. Mitt may not be my favorite choise for the GOP - in fact he is not - but he is by a long shot 1000% better than Obama. The key in my opinion is to concentrate on the Congress - getting control of both houses will assure SOME control of Obama, should idiots like Root vote third party.

Will people never wise up?

Anonymous said...

Bruce is on the mark here. It has taken the US 40-80 years to get to the mess we are in today; depending in your historical assumptions. The recovery will take a minimum of 20 years to execute. I will not be pulling the lever for Romney with a smile on my face and a song in my heart; but this is the best otion this cycle. Focusing on the Congressional races will insure a significant increase in Conservative values in these houses and will energize getting the fiscal house in order. Don't forget, there was a weak attempt in the 90s to so this and the opportunity was wasted; to all of our and our chilren and grandchildren's peril. This is critical; don't lose focus, and get out the vote. We all have acquaintances who made a very bad decision in the 2008 election. Our responsibility is to make sure they do not repeat that mistake in 2012 and make this election "The end of an Error".