17 May 2012


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 18 May 2012

"Visual storytelling of one kind or another has been around since cavemen were drawing on the walls." Frank Darabont


Some lying, commonly referred to as of the jocose variety, is done just for the fun of it. It's deliberate and meant to do no harm. Great jocose lies leave a lasting impression.

Twenty-eight or so years ago I read an article about a lying contest. I don't recall who sponsored it (probably a politician looking for new material) but it was some sort of annual just-for-fun national event. Contestants offered their 'lies'--teeny weeny to grandiose--and a panel of judges, expert liars all, selected the best of the best. One among the best of the best, and it may have won, went something like this...

'While sharpening my hunting knife, relaxing in my favorite leather recliner in our family room one evening, I was distracted by something on a TV program and accidentally lost control of the handle. I'd honed the knife to such a fine, lethal edge that as the shadow of the tumbling knife's blade flashed across the room it slashed a lamp shade, severed a statue's head, and lopped off two legs of an end table before I was able to turn off the light.'

Brilliant! Excellent!

Damn lying...

Some lying is done after having some 'fun' and trying one's damnedest to hide that fun. Such lies are commonly referred to as bald-faced or bold-faced, are deliberate, and typically do harm. And they, too, leave a lasting impression.

Fourteen years ago our country bore witness, and though laughable it was no laughing matter, to a disgusting national scandal and a lot of damn lying.

"...I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky..."

That damn lie, and more, left William Jefferson Clinton, 40th President of the United States, embarrassed, shamed, enraged, estranged, impeached, blue, and his legacy--along with a now famous dress, forever stained.

Stupid! And not excellent--at all.

And then there's storytelling...

The word 'storytelling' is sometimes used as a softer variant of the word 'lying.' And synonymous words 'fairy tale,' 'fib,' 'fudge,' and 'whopper' likewise come to mind.

But for today, no more about lying nor damn lying nor the euphemism for lying--'storytelling'.

Known to many as "Dottie Jean"--maybe one day her famous stage name--welcome...

Dorothy Kirk--storyteller, par excellence.

As I've said over and over and over again, "You can't make this stuff up!" And, as my dear wife reflexively and innocently says to affirm her storytelling is the absolute truth, "No lie!"

Guys, there's an amusing bra story in here you do not want to miss. Watch to the end. And as you'll surely wonder, yes, it's 'yours truly' in the footnote.

So, sit back, relax, enjoy, and laugh as a charming storyteller passes along some heirlooms--good, wholesome, and cleverly spun humorous yarns. Time well spent, assured.


"Dottie Jean & Omar"
iPad painting (by a modern caveman)

Post Script

Monday past Commentary--'Bright Art--Crystal's Prismatic Music'--is also about a fine songwriter and storyteller: http://acoloneloftruth.blogspot.com/2012/05/bright-art-crystals-prismatic-music.html


Dottie Jean said...

Do tell, Andy. I'm dying to hear your bra story!

Anonymous said...

My guess is the blog author's moderation process will mandate that to be a verbal story and not one posted on the net.