15 October 2011


By Andy Weddington
Saturday, 15 October 2011

"Pardon me, space, is this shape taken? Pardon me, shape, is this space taken?"
From 'On "SEEING" & Painting'

A handful of emails have rolled in recently suggesting another simple word play Commentary.

Just back from a week of fly fishing (for tiger muskie and trout) with my brother, I had time to think about that request. Wading forty degree waters casting for trout is good for the soul, and it clears the mind. It must be the countryside--the wide-open space.

The word "space" came to mind while wading.

So, to satisfy the askers, a little mindless word play...

personal space
head space
parking space
outer space
deep space

filled space
closet space
physical space
art space
storage space

tight space
studio space
dark space
no space
commercial space

retail space
make space
space saver
save a space
reserve space

work space
multipurpose space
open space
dead space
crawl space

my space
back space
space race
space ship
space craft

space suit
space junk
space man
space station
space travel

space case
space industry
space shuttle
space camp

space center
space exploration
space channel
space agency
space museum

space program
space related
book space
thinking space
green space

blank space
white space
breathing space
develop space
max space

space ghost
plenty of space
create space
space travel
space invaders

space cowboys
confirmed space
space flight
space jam
military space

access space
safe space
public space
private space
office space

rent space
lost in space
this space
that space
space probes

disk space
space odyssey
space needle
berthing space
handicapped space

and, 'scape'--an anagram of space--a fitting end.

Post Script

Yes, we caught tiger muskies and plenty of trout--rainbows and browns. I bested my brother as to tiger muskies. He clobbered me on the trout. There's always next year.

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