28 January 2010


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 29 January 2010

Wednesday evening, once again, Mr. Obama showed the world he is more than just a competent orator when behind a teleprompter. He is polished and personable and oozes charisma--if only the flavor germane to the political arena. So, no surprise there. Blah, blah, blah. And that there was civility extended toward the House's guest was no surprise--the GOP elders forewarned their malcontents to behave; shouts of, "You lie." would not be tolerated. But somewhat surprising was the president, even in the face of growing public displeasure and sinking polls, opting to not budge from his flailing agenda.

The term "delusional" comes to mind. Mr. Obama thinks, and said as much, his lack of getting anything done, even with the House and Senate majority trump card up his sleeve, is that we simply have yet to understand his explanations. So, he's going to explain it to us poor stupid people yet again--in simpler terms--so that we can understand. His tone coming across as just a bit arrogant and condescending, and insulting. He'd be well-served to contemplate the strategy used by a fellow Democrat, Congressman Mo Udall (1922-1998), who, after addressing his constituency, is attributed as saying something along the lines of, 'Well, those are my ideas. If you don't like them, I'll change them.' Udall served in elective office for thirty consecutive years--proving he knew a little bit about politics.

As for Mr. Obama, it's not just me. I pulled a couple of comments from Facebook last night posted by folks who watched the speech. Their thoughts reflect the sentiments of many others I read and tens of millions of other Americans. Without any editing, for your reading pleasure...

"We DO have solutions, but he's not interested in anyone's ideas but his own. He doesn't care what the majority of the people want because he truly believes he's smarter than any of us. He believes that we reject his policies because he HASN'T explained them well enough, but we reject them because he HAS, and we don't WANT them. His ego won't allow him to accept defeat. If he would quit trying to shove crap down our throats that we, the people, know won't be good for us, maybe we'd cut him some slack. And after a year, it's time to stop blaming everyone. The first step to recovery is accepting responsibility. He asked for this job, lied his arse off to get it, and if he can't handle it because it was too screwed up when he got there, perhaps he should pursue another line of work (like lawyer, which I'm sure he was very good at)."

"He doesn't want any other opinions but those from his inner circle. That has been made clear by his Dems-Only closed door meetings regarding a health care Bill that the majority of the country does not want but that he and Pelosi are determined, Hell or High water to pass. He gives a good teleprompted speech...I will give him that. But what he says and what he does are 2 different things. It's ok...the people of mass spoke last week and more will follow in November. I choose to look at the facts and not through Rose-colored glasses because he gives a good speech. And for the record, if his lack of accomplishing anything this past year is not his fault, at what point will it be? He has a Dem House and Senate and still nothing positive to show for it..."

Another summed up the speech in an email as follows:

1. Blame President Bush...again and again
2. Throw the Supreme Court under the bus in front of the Country.
3. We need gays in the military. (How have we won wars without them?)
4. Blame Republicans for not passing Obamacare (even though Democrats own the House and Senate).

With Vice President Biden and Speaker Pelosi as backdrop providing comic relief, the trio struck me as the perfect Looney Tunes cartoon cast. Take your pick for the straight man.

Yet the one Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies character that kept coming to my mind was none other than Yosemite Sam. Yes sir, Yosemite Sam--the red-haired, bushy-mustached, pint-sized, gruff, pistol-packing cowboy with an attitude and hair-trigger temper. The intolerant one with an effective way of getting his disobedient mount's undivided attention. When the impudent critter fails to halt after the first or second tug on the reins and complementary "Whoa," fiery Sam leaps from the saddle and bashes the mount--whether horse, mule, or camel--over the head with a board (or whatever's handy) and delivers his trademark no-nonsense, scalding admonishment, "When I say 'Whoa,' I mean 'Whoooooa.'" The ride obeys thereafter--that is, until the next episode.

Have you figured out where this Commentary is going?

Mr. Obama, like feisty ol' Sam's mount, is proving to be a slow learner and is getting a lumpy head. He paid little, if any, attention to public outcry at last years' Tea Party rallies and spirited town forums on healthcare reform regarding the direction he is hell bent on taking our country. His smug indifference easily explained by the fact the people could only holler "Whoa" and not wallop him over the head with a board.

But since last fall, with each new episode--election, that is--the people's shouts of "Whoa" is accompanied by a blow over Mr. Obama's head with a great big board. Now that smarts. And is an attention-getter; whether admitted to or not.

The president was clubbed, for the third time, a couple of weeks ago in Massachusetts in the dogfight for dead Ted's vacant, and critical, Senate seat. The people, wielding a powerful board--commonly known as the vote, sent Mr. Obama a clear, Yosemite Sam-like message: "When we say 'Whoa,' we mean 'Whoooooa.'"

The Democrats defeats in Virginia and New Jersey late last year, though significant and foretelling, went largely ignored--with casual wave-offs and forced toothy grins--by Mr. Obama and his cast of cheesy cartoon characters; some of whom are certainly and certifiably loony.

The very people, largely Independents, who whisked Mr. Obama into office fourteen months ago have seen enough and are fessin' up to their mistake. By margins of 2 to 1 in Virginia and New Jersey and 3 to 1 in Massachusetts (all three blue states in the presidential election) voters have turned to the Republicans, if for no other reason, to stop a run-amok Administration whose sloppy, at times disgustingly seedy, work has been the polar opposite of the slick campaign's promises. And, too far left to suit the conscientious majority.

Considering Mr. Obama's defiant posture, that he views as leadership, there is every reason to believe the people will continue whacking him over the head when elections roll around in November. There are far more sane Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, committed to that upon which America was founded, and built into the greatest nation the world has known, than there are loons and dopes supporting an errant Administration trying to ram an unwanted agenda down our throats while aiming to spay and neuter our country so others will like us. In the words of Colonel Sherman Potter, U.S. Army (M*A*S*H character played by Harry Morgan), "Horse feathers!"

What now for Mr. Obama?

Good question. Who knows. Roll the dice. Anything could happen--with the completely unexpected likely to determine his fate. But a couple of things are clear. One, Mr. Obama completely misread America. Two, and consequently, the public is walloping him and standing ever-ready with their great big board cocked to clobber him again and again until he, like ol' Sam's mount, complies with a tug on the reins and voice commands.

I wish no ill will toward the president. After all he is the president. But when the president is going in the wrong direction--and is determined to continue in the face of strong public dissent--Enough!

I've been saying for months and months to anyone willing to listen, "If Mr. Obama continues on his big government high-horse he is done. He will be a one-term president asterisked with the footnote, 'Elected when America fell asleep.'" Sympathetic historians will undoubtedly include and double-asterisk his tiresome alibi, "It was Bush's fault."

After Senator-elect Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, I was, for the gazillionth and one time in my life, proud of my country. I'm thinking it's time to characterize--to symbolize--the "Whoa, Mr. Obama. And 'Whoa' means 'Whoooooa!'" movement and nominate Yosemite Sam--an American patriot if ever there was one--as the official mascot. Anyone care to second?

Post Script
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It amazes me that Obama continues to play the blame Bush game. A wise leader accepts responsibility and heeds the will of the people. I like your writing style so I signed up to follow. Stop by my place and perhaps return the favor. http://www.boomerpie.com/