23 April 2009


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 24 April 2009

Tea? Why yes, black please—in a plain white porcelain cup; it’s the best combination, you know, for reading the leaves. Though not a tasseographer, stay tuned—my reading at the end of this commentary.

Last week, from coast to coast, citizens fed up with run amok government’s fiscal irresponsibility (with our money) organized to air their grievances. Air them they did—in the form of community “tea parties” and mailing tea bags—real and virtual—to their elected officials. The grass roots mobilization stirred Americans, committed to our founding principles, to take a page from the history books and modernize a protest carried out 236 years ago. Armed with their voice and clever placards—some hilariously accurate yet sad, they peacefully made their sentiments known. No fistfights, gunfights, arson, assaults, looting, or riots (not sure about New Orleans)—just ordinary citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble and speak.

The history lesson for those mocking last week’s tea parties: Never underestimate the “voice” of the people. In the end, The Boston Tea Party proved to be a key event in the growth of the American Revolution—two years later, in 1775, there was war. The rest is history--with much blood shed and lives lost since preserving this land. Who knows what the 2009 Tea Party will spurn but one thing is for certain—it is just the beginning; the movement is sure to grow as an ever-expanding faction of the populace is disgusted and restless and is not going to take it anymore. Standby—there are elections in 2010.

Was it not interesting that left-leaning mainstream media opted to largely ignore the tea parties—giving them little mention. “Reporters” and goofballs, like Janeane Garofalo (no tea— just too many dime bags), could think of nothing intelligent to say so they attacked the protesters by labeling them racist rednecks. Garofalo ranted the tea parties had nothing to do with inept government, stupid bailouts and “stimulus” packages, spending gone wild, etc. but everything to do with a black man in the White House. Pure unadulterated nonsense! That argument is more than tired. Check the demographics—it is fact that 95% of black vote and slightly less than 50% of the white vote went to Obama. Racism? Ha! Maybe—but it’s not our ancestor’s racism. Not by a long shot. Fact is Obama could not have won the presidency were it not for white voters. Find another argument. Was it only whites rallying at the tea parties? I don’t think so.

Yes, some people may care that our president is black but any citizen with a hint of smarts and decency finds the allegation of racism offensive. Count me at the top of the list. And though from the south, and blessed with an instantly recognizable North Carolina accent, I am no racist and certainly not a redneck. I do not care that our president is black. But I do care, and deeply, about his politics—radical, ill-contrived ideas and, yes, as his behavior abroad reflects—unpatriotic. America was built on concepts like hard work and reward, right and wrong, good and evil. Yet, there seems to be much confusion about these ideas today. Is it a wonder the public is confused when our president’s understanding of and respect for these concepts is suspect?

Tea parties across the land but was Obama listening to his protesting citizenry? Probably not. He was too busy thinking about his junket to Latin America—the second gig of “The Grand U. S. Apology” tour—another stage to take the moral high ground (how ironic) and waggle an accusing finger at America as the culprit for world woes. But this time Obama upped the ante—he let others, foreigners, lead the attack. To complement his apologetic orations and bowing in Europe the week before, he sat through a nearly hour’s long tirade by the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, trashing the United States. Incredible. Could it be he was distracted listening to War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” and The Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” on his iPod? There must be some explanation. For any self-respecting American representative, much less the president, would have politely but curtly excused themselves. Then, called a press conference to deliver a scathing retort and demand an apology. Not Obama—he endured the tongue-lashing and only offered comment that he was happy to not be blamed for acts—Bay of Pigs invasion—that occurred when he was only a few months old. Funny, he was born in August of 1961. The Bay of Pigs invasion occurred in April. But Obama is no mortal man—just ask his lapdogs (excluding Bo)—perhaps he knew.

Kowtowing to Ortega was just the beginning. Venezuela’s chief thug, Hugo Chavez, presented Obama with his anti-America book—in Spanish. Oops! Obama’s planners forgot to push “1” for English during pre-trip gift coordination. But in his defense, the eyes of the world were on Obama during Chavez’s “impromptu” presentation. He had little choice but to present a gracious face. Perhaps not humiliating but certainly a moment of embarrassment that, off camera, called for Obama to return the “gift” and deliver a stern word or two—in English. Though not confirmed, that may have happened. Recently aired footage shows Obama being quite direct with Chavez. Chavez was not speaking and did not appear too happy. And the interpreter appeared ill at ease—to say the least—translating the one-way conversation. We can at least hope Obama addressed the matter.

Ortega, Chavez, throw in the wacky Castro brothers, Ahmadinejad, Kim, Putin, Somali teenagers, and a smorgasbord of America haters is giving Obama a plate full. These goons, who Obama wants to like him and us, do not care about being liked. Unless the president wises up to the real world, things are only going to get worse.

Obama and his faithful refer to his conciliatory posturing as long overdue acts of national contrition. Is there justification or even need for such? Nope. He is delusional if he thinks he is going to change the world by rehabilitating long-reigning bad people who well know he is nothing more than a temporary custodian of America’s colors. U. S. presidents are expected to put country first—abroad and at home—period. Beware our enemies and pay attention to the tea parties--future ones may embrace idiotic foreign policy, Mr. President. Your folks are sending you a message all is not well in the backyard.

Oh yes, my tea cup…the leaves…nothing recognizable…nothing…just chaos—reflective of the times. Some swear it’s a nightmare.

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Mom said...

Good blog this week Andy. Tea parties were a good start but they must continue if they are to be effective.The mainstream media can't continue to ignore the protests(the people speak)